Why can't I get broadband?

There are many possible reasons as to why you may be unable to get broadband or why you may suffer from slow broadband speeds.

This guide will help you work out what your problem is, and how you can fix it.

Exchange not enabled

Not all BT exchanges are enabled yet, if this is the case for your exchange you might still be able to get cable broadband or if not mobile broadband.

Line length

Line length will effect your ability to get ADSL or your potential ADSL speeds.

Although you may be a stone throw away from your nearest BT exchange your line might in fact be using another exchange much further away.

Users with lines longer than 6km may struggle to get a reliable connection.

Poor line quality

Poor line quality can be caused by several things such as bad joins, corrosion and and water which will effect your copper pair's ability to provide you will reliable connection.

Fibre line

Some telphone lines are provided partly over a fibre optic connection which stops you being able to get a broadband connection. This is known as TPON.

Most areas within ADSL distance of the exchange already have a copper overlay scheme in place which may allow you to get broadband, however capacity can be strictly limited.

Incompatible product on line

Products such as ISDN, RedCare and FeatureNet service will prevent you from ordering ADSL on your BT line until they are removed.

Poor internal wiring

If you have poor internal wiring for your telephone extensions causing slow broadband speeds you may benefit from installing an I-Plate

A BT I-Plate can improve your broadband speed by on average around 1.5 meg and also improve the reliability of your connection.

DACS line

A DACS is a line sharing device that allows two telephone lines to be provided over a single cable. Due to the way they work, they stop broadband from working on the line.

BT Openreach have a policy of removing DACS if you order broadband and it is in place on your line, however it may increase the order time.

A DACS will not be installed if broadband and a telephone line are ordered together in a 'simultaneous provide'.

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