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We can provide you with maps of broadband notspots and slow-spots in your area or across the UK if you would find this useful. Also, we would like to work with any media organisations keen to help gather data on broadband blackspots and help raise awareness of the problem.

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Key Biographies

Sebastien Lahtine

Sebastien Lahtinen
Co-founder, thinkbroadband

Sebastien co-founded thinkbroadband (previously in 2000 as he was trying to get a broadband connection to replace his dial-up Internet access to experience a faster, more reliable internet connection at home. He discovered that the big cable operators at the time were not offering broadband services in this area, so he decided to look into ADSL. When trying to find a suitable provider, he was frustrated by the lack of information on the various ADSL services in one place, and this is where the idea behind started.

As well as his responsibilities at, Sebastien is also involved in running of an Internet hosting company, Chairman of a neutral Internet Exchange and non-executive director of a not-for-profit domain name registry. Combined with his business background, his technical understanding of the underlying technologies the Internet operates on gives him a unique insight into the problems of delivering universal broadband.

Broadband is so critical to everyday life be it filing your tax return or checking in for your next flight. It is simply not acceptable that anyone can be left behind in the pre-broadband world

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson
Editor, thinkbroadband

Andrew joined the thinkbroadband team soon after the launch of the site having been an early broadband adopter and a keen contributor on the site's forums since the beginning.

Andrew's main responsibilities at include writing news and commentary on a regular basis to update visitors about broadband developments and other news about specific ISPs. Andrew also works with ISP contacts to resolve various problems that visitors are experiencing with their broadband connections. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all visitors get access to the correct information along with trusted help and advice. As senior staff member, Andrew also plays an important role in the overseeing of the forums and assisting moderators. Alongside his role at, Andrew is a senior software developer at News Software Solutions since 1997. This particular role involves writing bespoke applications for the television and radio news industry.

It's not just rural villages in the middle of nowhere that can't get broadband. There are people living on the outskirts of population centres who are having problems.

A project to map out broadband britain blackspots.

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