About Broadband Notspot

What is Broadband Notspot?

Broadband Notspot is a project to help map out the broadband blackspots in the UK. We are looking to bring together in one place, everyone who has difficulty getting a modern broadband connection.

We hope to both use this information to campaign Government, politicians and telecommunications operators to provide a universally available broadband service throughout the UK. We will also keep in touch with those who leave their details and try to help local areas co-ordinate their efforts to get broadband.

What's a 'notspot' and a 'slow-spot'

A 'broadband notspot' is a location where you cannot order a fixed broadband service capable of delivering at least 1 Mbps in the downstream direction (i.e. downloading from the Internet). A 'broadband slow-spot' is a place you can get broadband, but only below 1Mbps (download).

We are tracking slow-spots as well since they may indicate the need to look at alternative solutions to deliver next generation broadband to the area. Please do not use this site to report problems with your service provider, even if you are receiving slow speeds at times, unless this is due to the quality/distance of your telephone line or similar. In other words, we're mapping out geographical problems, not provider specific issues.

How are you collecting this data?

The data on this site is based on user reports, which means we only have information on notspots and slow-spots which you provide to us. Also note that there may be new services from operators since the reports were submitted, so ask on the thinkbroadband forums for advice if you're unsure. You can also view our broadband map site for more data on availability and speed of broadband services.

Who are thinkbroadband?

thinkbroadband is the UK's longest running broadband information website. It started life as ADSLguide.org.uk in 2000 when ADSL technology was just launching. We renamed the site thinkbroadband in December 2006 as our site was not exclusively about 'ADSL', which is only one broadband technology.

We have built this site separately to keep it focussed on its goal--To identify the areas of the UK which have been left behind in broadband coverage, and to help campaign to get universal broadband for everyone.

Contact Details

If you are a member of the press, please visit our Press page.

Otherwise, if you need to contact us, please e-mail us on help@broadband-notspot.org.uk and we will try to assist you.

We would be happy to work with regional organisations and other parties who can help raise the profile of broadband availability problems, or those with the ability to influence decisions. If we can assist you with any data which would make this easier, please get in touch!

A project to map out broadband britain blackspots.

You can contact us via help@broadband-notspot.org.uk.

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